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Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

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Catholic Social Teaching Modules

The Social Action Office (SAO) has prepared three modules on aspects of Catholic Social Teaching:

  • Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching

  • Catholic Social Teaching and the Prison System

  • Catholic Social Teaching and the Environment.

These modules are designed to be presented to small groups and contain (i) background notes, (ii) overhead transparencies, (iii) hand-outs, and (iv) reflections. SAO staff may be available as presenters. However, the modules are designed to enable others to be presenters as well. We hope the modules are user-friendly and adaptable for use by various groups. We envisage that they could be adapted for parish groups, religious communities, in-service for teachers, secondary students. They can be presented in half-day or full-day sessions. To access the modules click on the links below or contact the SAO to borrow a hard copy of the modules.

CST Modules online:

Please note: This material is copyrighted to the Social Action Office and we would ask that you acknowledge this when using this material.

Catholic Social Teaching and the Prison System, May 2002

Catholic Social Teaching and the Environment, March 2002


Recommended Reading:

Response to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching by Kenneth R Hines OFM, Paulist Press 2001


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