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Ten easy ways to cool global warming

  1. Walk, cycle or use public transport.
  2. Use compact fluorescent lights.
  3. Purchase the highest energy-efficiency star rating appliances.
  4. Insulate your home and save on heating and cooling costs. Add insulation to electric hot water units.
  5. Cut hot water consumption by washing clothes in cold water and by fitting a water-efficient shower head.
  6. Replace an electric hot water service with solar or high-efficiency gas.
  7. Support renewable energy.
  8. Service your car regularly and, when buying a new car, choose one that is fuel-efficient.
  9. Rate the energy efficiency of your new home design.
  10. Plant, protect and conserve existing trees and shrubs.

Taken from Global Warming Cool it!, a publication of the Australian Greenhouse Office, GPO Box 621, Canberra ACT 2601. Used with permission.

You can contact the Australian Greenhouse Office by emailing and you can check out their website at

Another good resource:

Catholic Justice & Peace Commission's Cool Communities



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