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Three topics which are of particular concern to the Social Action Office (SAO) in the context of the Federal Election 2004 are:

  • Adequate Housing: Clearly, those without access to adequate housing cannot be said to have “easy access” to what they need to live a decent life. Read more ..
  • Water: There is a growing awareness of the fragile nature of our water supply in Australia. Moves are underway to regulate our access to water, in rural and urban environments. The common good demands that these regulations respect the needs of all sectors of the community, including the needs of the environment itself. Read more ..
  • A Culture of Peace: We live in times when “security” is high on the agenda. The genuine security of society is an essential component of the common good. But it must be a genuine security, not just the absence of violence; it must be achieved by morally acceptable means, and it must extend to all members of society. Read more ..

Click on the link above (Send a Postcard) to send a postcard to each of the major party Candidates in your electorate letting them know of your concern for the issues of Affordable Housing, Water Management and a Culture of Peace.

There are many other areas of society where the common good must be promoted and defended. We cannot detail all of them here, but where possible, links will be suggested to other sites where more information is available.

Click here for information on other issues of concern for the common good.


Good Resources

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Catholic Welfare Australia - COMMON Wealth Issue Papers

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council - Social Justice in Everyday Life

Catholic Social Teaching - Notable quotations from Catholic Social Teaching on the topic of the Common Good

Compare Policies Australia - Just the Policies (not politics)


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