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Note: This campaign is no longer in operation.

Housing Postcard
Water Postcard
Peace Postcard

You are invited to send the above postcards to the Candidates in your local Electorate.

Note: Since we are a Queensland-based organisation, we are only supplying the email addresses of the Candidates in Queensland Electorates. However, if you are not in a Queensland Electorate, we have listed the major Party's web addresses below the Instructions so that you can go there to find your Electorate's Candidates' email addresses. You can then copy and paste those addresses and still send the postcards above.


  • Click on your Electorate below to find the list of Candidates for the major parties for your Electorate - this will open as a separate small window. (As more Candidates become known, we will continue to add them to the list.)
  • Highlight the email address of the Candidate you wish to send a card to.
  • Copy the email address - [Ctrl c]
  • Click on one of the Postcard names above - a new webpage will open so that you can return to this page at any time whilst the postcard page is also open.
  • Fill in your name and email address and the name of the recipient.
  • Paste the email address of the Candidate into the appropriate line - [Ctrl v]
  • Click on Send Postcard (you can Preview it first if you wish).

Queensland Electorates - Candidates for the major parties:

Blair Fadden Hinkler Moncrieff
Bonner Fairfax Kennedy Moreton
Bowman Fisher Leichhardt Oxley
Brisbane Forde Lilley Petrie
Capricornia Griffith Longman Rankin
Dawson Groom Maranoa Ryan
Dickson Herbert McPherson Wide Bay

If you don't know your electorate or are not sure, please click here to do a search on your suburb or postcode or click here for the AEC 2004 Divisional (Electorate) Maps - these will open in new pages and this Send a Postcard page will remain open.

Major Political Party Websites - Candidates (for those outside Queensland):

Australian Democrats
Australian Greens
Australian Labor Party
Family First Party
Liberal Party of Australia
National Party of Australia


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