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Other issues of concern for the Common Good include:

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Refugee Action Collective - Election 2004 offers information about projects and resources that have been generated by various campaign groups around Australia for the upcoming federal election.

The Justice Project - This is a Standing Up for a Fair Go Campaign Kit which aims to educate and engage so voters can make an informed choice about the people they want to represent them and the issues regarding refugees they want addressed. The primary vehicle for doing this is a candidate questionnaire or survey, the aim being to have every candidate standing for election in the House of Representatives and in the Senate surveyed on a range of refugee issues including the project's reform package. The Justice Project’s reform policy can be summed up in these terms: “We want decent treatment and fair processing for all asylum seekers and refugees, regardless of how they arrived in Australia.”

Radio National - Perspective - Why Educate Australians About Refugees? James Thomson, Friday 27 August 2004


Christian Community Services Against Poverty is (was) the website for a new coalition of faith-based social welfare and justice groups. This group has joined together because of a common Christian concern for the poor and disadvantaged in our nation.


Media Release from Catholic Healthcare Australia: Who Hears the Cry of the Poor and the Sick? 23 June 2004

Other Healthcare Campaigns
National Medicare Alliance
ACTU Save Medicare

Catholic Health says Medicare investment key election issue

Indigenous Issues

Reconciliation is a call from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSICC) and the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC): Reconciliation - A national voice that counts

See also Healing Hands - Indigenous Health Rights Campaign

Free Trade or Fair Trade

Australia & United States Free Trade Agreement - The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council sees trade as essential for development of countries and acknowledges the positive effects of globalisation. However, the economy cannot be taken as the ultimate determinant of human life. The challenge is to ensure that the human person remains the centre and the beneficiary of all aspects of globalisation and trade. It is not free trade, but fair and just trade, which will enable this for all peoples.

Unemployment Issues

For information on the current state of Australian unemployment go to the Unemployed Persons Advocacy site (not currently active).


Other Good Sites

Global Trade Watch
Australia Fair Trade and Investment Network
Edmund Rice Centre for Social Justice
Now We the People

Public Online Forums

Micah Projects South Brisbane - Elections 2004 Forum
Queensland Council of Social Services - Discussion Board

Learn more about issues

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


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