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The Social Action Office seeks a world where relationships between persons and among nations are based on equality, mutual respect and the interconnectedness of human life with all of creation. Our current global and national climate of fear and misuse of power and significant rise of fundamentalism works against this vision and can cause us to act out of fear and mistrust.

We live in a time of unprecedented change that has the potential, if we become fearful, to draw us back into ways of being that do not serve us well anymore.

As we prepare for the 2004 Federal Election, we need ...

  • to make space in our hearts and minds so that DEEP PEACE reigns within and we can make clear and informed choices - so that an appeal to fear is not heeded
  • to be aware when fear is evoked and to analyse the issue thoroughly - to not allow others to play upon our fears
  • to take the time to reflect on the importance of attitudes and of non-violent ways of living and acting
  • the freedom of heart and clarity of intention based on the values of a God who consistently asks us to TRUST and who consistently says I AM WITH YOU.

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind (sic).
It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction
devised by the ingenuity of man (sic).


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