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(September 2005)

Money over Humanity
Changes to Industrial Relations in Australia

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Suggested Actions

Click here for a pdf copy of the Action Page for printing

PETITION to the Senate – both online and paper petitions can be signed. Sign, copy and distribute hard copies as widely as possible. Return Date: Send petitions back to the SAO by Thursday 17 November 2005. To access the Petitions click on these links:

POSTCARDS – Both hard copy and ONLINE are available. Contact SAO (see below) for multiple paper copies of the postcard.

BRIEFING PAPERDistribute the SAO Briefing Paper to others in your networks – family, friends, workmates, etc.

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION/LEARNING CIRCLEForm a theological reflection or learning circle around the issues using the Briefing Paper as background material. Click here for the Theological Reflection and Learning Circle Guide.

LETTER WRITINGWrite a letter to your local Federal MP. (Use the points made in postcard)

DAY OF ACTION – Make sure you join the next National Day of Community Protest on Tuesday 15 November 2005 – rallies and activities in your city/town and community – in support of the workers, the poor and marginalised, and a community life in our country. Go to the ACTU website for more information.

Please let SAO know what you are doing so we can better coordinate, share and celebrate community in action together.

LETTERS TO THE EDITORWrite a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper – no matter where you are. It is important to get ideas circulating in many different parts of the country. Use the points made on the postcard in your letter.

PRAYAs always pray that the rights of all may be protected – especially those most disadvantaged. Pray for wisdom and insight for our political leaders. See campaign prayer in the Theological Reflection.

CONTACT the SAO Project Officer, Angela Ballard, Monday to Thursday at SAO on (07) 3891 5866 or email


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