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the patchWORK project

Dear Friends

How are the new industrial relations, individual contracting and welfare to work environments impacting on you, your friends, family and your community?

Share your stories of change in a project collecting and documenting these experiences.

Over recent months the Social Action Office (SAO) of the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Queensland has consulted with people involved in employment and welfare services, church and community based organisations, unions and employers.  These consultations have informed the development of a community project.

patchWORK Project CoverThe Social Action Office now invites people and organisations to participate in the

“the patchWORK project”. 

How can you participate?

  • By participating in a 2 hour co-learning workshop of story sharing and recording in your organisation, group or workplace or by joining the workshops being scheduled by SAO.
  • By simply reflecting on and writing up a short story of change using the patchWORK story form and sending it back to SAO.
  • By forwarding this on to other people and/or organisations who may be interested in participating.

If you want more detailed information on the project and its methodology or wish to consider a workshop, email Angela Ballard or phone her on (07) 3891 5866. Please feel free to copy and distribute the patchWORK story form.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has, or who has family, friends or colleagues who have, experienced a change in their work/life that may be related to the changes in the IR, individual contracting and welfare to work environments. You may be:

  • a member or worker in a community based organisation – willing to assist in putting on a workshop for people who access your centre
  • a manager or staff of a human services organisation whose staff are at the coalface implementing government employment and welfare policies or  someone who accesses the services of such organisations
  • a worker - anywhere
  • a union member or rep
  • an employer with a story of change from that perspective
  • a member of a faith based social justice group
  • a parent (on behalf of a young person).

The Social Action Office is involved in policy advocacy work around social and environmental justice issues.

For more information please contact Angela Ballard at or phone (07) 3891 5866.


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