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(September 2005)

Send a Postcard

Hard copy and ONLINE e-postcards are available. Contact SAO (see below) for multiple paper copies of the postcard. Send a hard copy postcard to:

• Senator Barnaby Joyce
• Senator Fiona Nash
• Senator Steve Fielding
and/or the Senator of your choice (address blank on card).

Visit for information regarding others to send your card to and their addresses.

Send an E-Postcard to the above key Senators – as well as to:

• your local Federal MP
• all your State’s Senators
• The Minister for Workplace Relations, Hon Kevin Andrews.

Instructions (do this for each person you wish to send a card to):

  • Highlight the email address of the person (see below) you wish to send a card to
  • Copy [Ctrl c] the email address
  • Click on Send an e-postcard - a new webpage will open so that you can return to this page at any time whilst the postcard page is also open
  • Type in your name and email address and the name of the recipient
  • Paste [Ctrl v] the email address of the recipient into the appropriate line
  • Click on Send Postcard (or you can Preview it first if you wish).

Key Senators' Email Addresses:

  • Senator Barnaby Joyce:
  • Senator Fiona Nash:
  • Senator Steve Fielding:

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