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SAO Receives Award

The Social Action Office (SAO) was the recipient of the Mercy Foundation's Social Justice Award for 2002 (see below for the Award Citation). This was awarded for SAO's social action ministry over ten years but specifically for the marginal electorates campaign, Fair Go Fair Share - In Income, Health and Housing, undertaken in the lead-up to and during the 2001 Federal Election. The SAO staff thank the Mercy Foundation for this tribute.


The Mercy Foundation Award 2002

The Mercy Foundation Award for achievement in the field of social justice is presented to the Social Action Office - CLRIQ.

The Award is made in recognition of the Social Action Office's leadership and work in striving to bring about a more just society.

Since its establishment ten years ago the Social Action Office has consistently worked to bring about systemic change in political and social systems which exclude impoverished and disempowered people. It has underpinned its work with quality research and effective strategies. Nor has it shrunk from taking controversial positions when this has been called for. More recently the Social Action Office has taken a leading position in community education on environmental concerns.

The Award wishes to recognise in particular the work of the Social Action Office in the 1999-2000 Marginal Electorates Campaign, Fair Go Fair Share. This initiative well illustrates its commitment to the promotion of human rights and work for structural change. The welfare of those who suffer injustice is truly the primary concern of the Social Action Office.

Sr Eveline Crotty rsm, Executive Secretary of the Mercy Foundation, read the Citation before presenting the Award to Coralie Kingston, Coordinator of the Social Action Office. The presentation was made on 25 November 2002 at Justice Place, Woolloongabba Qld

The staff of the Social Action Office with Eveline after the presentation.
L to R: Cathy O'Keeffe pbvm (Communications/IT Officer), Eveline Crotty rsm,
Annette Arnold rsj (Social Justice Coordinator/Administrator), Deirdre Gardiner rsm
(Peace and Reconciliation Coordinator), Coralie Kingston (Coordinator/Research Officer),
Pauline Coll sgs (Eco-justice Coordinator)


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