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Issue Number 32 - April 2000

Put Up Your Hand!

Sea of handsOn Monday 10 April in the grounds of St Stephen's Cathedral in Brisbane many people came together to say SORRY to the Indigenous people of this land. Generations of Indigenous people have suffered and continue to suffer as a direct result of the forced removal of children from their families. The event affirmed and supported the recent words of Archbishop Bathersby:

Australians cannot ignore the fundamental truth and reality of the prior existence and possession of this land by Aboriginal people before European settlement. Their consequent dispossession, decimation as a people, and cultural destruction is the fundamental reality and the original sin of our nation.

It is not surprising that so much anger and emotion is aroused when Australians seek to ignore this fundamental truth. Indigenous people must rightly feel that there has never been an adequate recognition of the truth of the Australian situation - facts that are easily discerned by any simple study of Australian history.

Until all Australians take appropriate steps to recognise that original truth, there will be no true reconciliation.

The event was marked by a mini Sea of Hands (pictured)

and was sponsored by Justice Place organisations.




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