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People & Places - A Profile of Growing Disadvantage in Queensland

Issues Paper by
Queensland Council of Social Service Inc.
and Social Action Office

May 1999


This document is available here in pdf format. Because of its size, it has been broken up into several pdf files:

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Title and Contents pages

Lists of Tables, Figures and Maps

Pages 1-4 (Chapter 1 - Introduction, Chapter 2 - Methodological Issues and Definitions, and beginning of Chapter 3 - Henderson Poverty Line Estimates 1981-82 to 1995-96)

Page 5 (Table 1 - Incidence and Rate of Poverty in Queensland 1981-82 to 1995-96)

Pages 6-13 (Chapter 3 continued)

Page 14 (Table 4 - Poverty in Queensland)

Pages 15-16 (End of Chapter 3)

Pages 17-25 (Chapter 4 - Geographical Disadvantage - Profile of Places, and Chapter 5 - Conclusion)

Pages 26-31 (Endnotes, Bibliography and List of References, Acknowledgements and Appendix)


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