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Photos from previous Reconciliation Events

Reconciliation Walk

Reconciliation banner Sorry in sky

Catholic Women and Men Religious of Queensland walked behind this banner in the Reconciliation Walk in Brisbane in June 2000.

This was the sentiment of all who participated in the Reconciliation Walks around Australia.

Sea of Hands

Sea of Hands St Stephen's
Sea of Hands Cherbourg
In collaboration with other Justice
Place organisations SAO organised a
"Sea of Hands" in the grounds of the
Cathedral of St Stephen in Brisbane on
10 April 2000 to show our solidarity with
Australia's Indigenous people and to
raise awareness of their struggle.
SAO was involved with ANTaR in
organising a "Sea of Hands" at
Cherbourg Qld as part of the
celebration of the Olympic Torch
ceremony in the town on 17 June 2000.

National Day of Healing 2005

Below are photos from the National Day of Healing prayer gathering at Sherwood Arboretum, Brisbane, on the morning of 26 May 2005.

Justin playing the didgeridoo

Friends gathered around the Journey Home Plaque

A number of "Industrial Schools" and Children's Homes throughout the Sherwood, Chelmer and Yeronga area accepted Stolen Children at various times during the last century. In 1999 a plaque was laid at Sherwood Arboretum to acknowledge and remember this.

Sorry Day 2007

A number of SAO staff members and partners participated in Reconciliation Week events including Sorry Day ceremonies around Brisbane and beyond on Saturday 26 May. Below are some photos from the ceremony at the Sherwood Arboretum.

Sorry Day Ceremony at Sherwood Arboretum Sorry Day Ceremony at Sherwood Arboretum
Sorry Day Ceremony at Sherwood Arboretum


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