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Send this message (see below for how to do this):

Dear ...

I believe that Indigenous child abuse and poverty must be addressed by a long-term and comprehensive response. However, I have serious concerns with many aspects of The Northern Territory Emergency Response Bill. These concerns include:

  • The inadequate time and consultation given to the Senate Inquiry process
  • The Government’s taking over Aboriginal land with five year leases
  • The exemption in the legislation that suspends the Racial Discrimination Act
  • The abolition of the Permit system.

Therefore, I urge you

  • to ensure that the emergency response over the next 3-6 months is developed in full consultation with community leaders
  • to support the development of a comprehensive plan which includes specific objectives, timeframes and mechanisms to ensure transparency and ongoing independent rigorous evaluation
  • to ensure that by the May 2008 budget there is a costed commitment to finance this plan
  • to ensure that the exemption to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 is never invoked.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

Send the message using the ecard to:

  • The Hon Mal Brough MP, Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs:
  • Mr Kevin Rudd MP, Leader of the Opposition:
  • Ms Jenny Macklin MP, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation:
  • Mr Wayne Swan MP, Shadow Treasurer:
  • Your local Member *

* If you don't know your electorate or are not sure who your local Member is, please click here to do a search on your suburb or postcode – this will open in a new page and this Refresh Australia! page will remain open.

To find the email address for your local Member, click here for a list of Members by Electorate, or click here for an alphabetical list of Members – this will open in a new page and this Refresh Australia! page will remain open.

See below for how to send the message to the Prime Minister and the Treasurer.

Instructions for sending the ecard:

  1. Highlight and copy [Ctrl c] the email address of the Member you wish to send a card to (see above) (be careful to highlight only the email address and no spaces).
  2. Click here to go to the ecard form – a new webpage will open so that you can return to this instruction page at any time whilst the ecard page is also open.
  3. On the ecard form fill in your email address and the recipient's name.
  4. Paste the email address [Ctrl v] of the Member (recipient) into the appropriate line (if there is a space after the email address, remove it).
  5. After the word "Dear" type in how you would like to address the recipient, e.g. Mr Brough.
  6. Fill in your name at the end of the letter.
  7. Click on Preview Postcard to check the information you have entered.
  8. Click on Send Postcard if it is ready to send, or click on Return to Postcard Form if you want to make changes.
  9. Repeat this process for each Member who wish to send the card to.

Send the message via personal websites to:

Instructions for sending the message to the Prime Minister and Treasurer:

  1. Highlight and copy [Ctrl C] the message above (from "Dear ..." down to "Yours sincerely").
  2. Click on the links above (a new page will open for each so that this instruction page remains open also).
  3. On the Prime Minister's page, click Continue.
  4. Fill in the forms on each – your name, email address, street address.
  5. Paste the message [Ctrl V] in the Message section. (Please note: You will need to do some formatting, e.g. adding spaces between paragraphs and adding a dot or dash at the beginning of each dot point.)
  6. Remove "..." after "Dear" and type in "Mr Costello" or "Prime Minister Mr Howard" in the appropriate form.
  7. Type in your name after "Yours sincerely".
  8. On the Prime Minister's page, type in "Indigenous Australia" or something similar in the Subject line.
  9. On the Prime Minister's page, click Continue. This takes you to a preview of your message. Click Edit to make changes in your information/message, or click Send to send the message.
  10. On the Treasurer's page, click Submit. (You don't get to preview your message to the Treasurer!)

After sending the messages, you will receive an email Autoreply from the Prime Minister's Department and an email copy of your letter to the Treasurer.


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