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Welcome to Refresh Australia!

Refresh Australia LogoThe Refresh Australia! Campaign is about engaging with others -- family, friends, co-workers, members of your faith community, politicians and electoral candidates -– and taking action to add values to the discussions and debates in the current political climate. We need to shift the agenda towards a refreshed Australia and so we have targeted three key policy areas for this campaign –-

  • Climate Change/Renewable Energy
  • The future of Indigenous Australia
  • Industrial Relations/our work/life balance

This campaign will extend well beyond the federal election 2007 as we believe that the social/sustainability justice values implicit in the three agenda areas must be incorporated into ongoing policy development for the future prosperity of this country.

We invite you to be part of the campaign by engaging in one or more of the following specific ACTIONS. See the specific campaign sheets below for details.

  • Lobby Peter Garrett and/or Malcolm Turnbull re a legislated renewable energy target of 30% by 2020 and an interim emissions target of 30% cut in emissions by 2020

  • Lobby the Prime Minister and Mal Brough and/or Leader of the Opposition Kevin Rudd and Jenny Macklin re genuine partnerships with Indigenous Australia

  • Lobby Julia Gillard and/or Joe Hockey re a fair IR system that ensures proper work/life balance, rights for workers and the role of unions.

And also …

  • Distribute the cards and campaign kit materials (our ‘campaign on a card’ message and the three A4 sheets - one per issue - with information and suggested actions - see below) to family, friends, co-workers, members of your faith community. Engage in conversation with them around the importance of these issues in building a prosperous and sustainable future for all Australians. SET UP A STALL AT YOUR LOCAL MARKET. SAO can help with resources.

  • HOST A DINNER OR TEA PARTY discussion on the issue you feel most passionate about… TO MORE DEEPLY ENGAGE WITH THE ISSUES IN CONVIVIAL WAYS. SAO can help with resources.

  • CONTACT YOUR LOCAL FEDERAL MEMBER AND OPPOSITION CANDIDATES ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN because the upcoming election is one of the best opportunities to make our positions and values heard loud and clear.

Send them the campaign card and/or a letter outlining your concerns. Ask them to meet with a group of you to talk about these issues. Choose 1, 2 or all 3 issues and feel free to use the points below and the campaign notes pages as a guide (see Resources below) when writing or speaking with MPs or your local electoral candidates.

Points you may wish to include in letters and lobbying …

  • Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world.

  • We are in a position to be world leaders in developing and adopting renewable energy sources, especially solar technologies, wind power and geo-thermal energy. As a developed nation we can show true leadership for a future that is renewable and sustainable but to do so we need substantial and definitive interim and long-term targets to reduce our carbon emissions and develop strong industries in renewable energy provision. Advocate 30% by 2020 cut in emissions and 30% by 2020 renewable energy targets legislated as mandatory.

  • As long as the gap between the living standards and life expectancy of non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians continues we are not a truly prosperous country –- there is dis-ease in our prosperity. We have the resources to turn this around. We need the political will and commitment to do so and essential to this is a bipartisan approach and genuine partnerships with Indigenous people.

  • The changes wrought in the way we work and organise the workplace are adversely impacting work/life balance for families and communities. The power balance has been skewed too far in favour of employers. It is crucial to enshrine the rights of workers and the role of unions in ensuring fairness and balance with regards to work/life.

  • As an Australian I am concerned about these issues. Ask to know what the party’s policy position on these issues is.


Campaign Card

Refresh Australia Card front Refresh Australia Card back

If you would like copies of this card,
please contact us on (07) 3891 5866 or email SAO.

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Campaign Resources

Welcome Note as above (pdf document)

Welcome to Refresh Australia!

Briefing Notes (pdf documents)

Food for Thought - some further thoughts on the issues of

PolMin Report Card (pdf document)

Just Work - how the Political Parties currently view Australian workplaces


Aboriginal Woman and ChildCampaign Ecard
Refresh Indigenous Australia

TAKE ACTION to urge our political leaders to:

  • form genuine partnerships with Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory
  • work with Aboriginal communities to develop effective solutions to address the issues of child sexual abuse and neglect.


Refresh Australia Equation


More Election Material

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
A Vote for Us All” – Australia’s Catholic Bishops have issued a statement urging Catholics to consider the common good when casting their vote this year. The policies are all on the table. It is time to decide what policies will best promote the common good. Information on all candidates for the House of Representatives and the Senate and their allocated preferences are now available from the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council
A Vote for Social Justice” – The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference mandates the ACSJC to promote research, education, advocacy and action on social justice, peace and human rights, integrating them deeply into the life of the whole Catholic community in Australia, and providing a credible Catholic voice on these matters in Australian society.

The Australian Political Ministry Network Ltd (PolMin) is a national membership organisation committed to bringing about systemic change in Australian society through the influencing of public policy for the common good in accordance with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.
Voting for our Values” – The NetAct Federal Election Kit says: “As we prepare for the Federal Election we call to mind the values, which we hope will guide us at this time – human dignity, the common good, solidarity with, and preference for those ‘made’ poor, and ecological responsibility.”

Centre for an Ethical Society
Building a More Just and Compassionate Australia” – The objective of the Centre for an Ethical Society is to promote Christian Social Justice within Australia’s democratic traditions and co-operate in the development of a more just and compassionate community.
From: Mercy Institute Justice Network
Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator


Refresh Australia Launch
Kathleen Tynan pbvm, Kay McPadden rsj, Janice Howard osu,
Joan Murphy sgs and Angela Ballard (SAO Project Officer)
at the launch of the Refresh Australia campaign on 30 August 2007

Refresh Australia campaign at Australia at the Crossroads Refresh Australia campaign at Australia at the Crossroads

SAO members were involved in the Refresh Australia campaign and the Make Indigenous Poverty History stalls at the Australia at the Crossroads forum
in Brisbane on 8 August 2007


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