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Research has been central to the social action ministry undertaken by the SAO. Below is the list of reports, submissions, papers and briefing notes prepared since 1993. Some are accessible online. Those not online are available upon request from the SAO.

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Latest Publications:

Money over Humanity - Changes to Industrial Relations in Australia, September 2005 (pdf version)

the patchWORK project - This project seeks to elicit and unpack experience and stories of change from all perspectives in the new IR, welfare to work and independent contracting environments

More than just a roof - A study of family homelessness in Queensland, October 2003, QUT Centre of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies in conjunction with a number of organisations including the Social Action Office (pdf file)

Water for Life Reflection for National Water Care Week - 19-25 October 2003 (pdf version)

Vegetation Clearance in Queensland - Updated, July 2003 (pdf version)

Climate Change Fact Sheet, June 2002 (pdf version)


Catholic Social Teaching Modules:

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Briefing Notes:

  • The Future of the Moreton Bay Catchment, 1999
  • Background to the Conflict between the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), the National Farmers Federation (NFF), Patrick Stevedores and the Howard Government, 1998
  • One Nation's Divisive Agenda Considered in the Light of Church Teaching, 1998
  • Not To Be Forgotten Election Issues, 1998
  • Recommendations to Churches in 'Stolen Generations' Report, 1997
  • Brisbane City Council's Environment Management and Compliance Levy, 1997
  • The 1996-97 Federal Budget
  • Issues to Consider Regarding Uranium Mining and the Nuclear Industry, 1996
  • The Draft Report of the Industry Commission's Inquiry into Charitable Organisations, 1995
  • The Current 'Law and Order' Debate, 1995
  • A Perspective on the Current Situation in Papua New Guinea, 1995
  • The Final Report of the Industry Commission's 'Charitable Institutions in Australia', 1995
  • The Green Paper, Restoring Full Employment, 1994
  • Mental Health and Human Rights, 1994
  • Bougainville, 1994
  • The Aborigines Welfare Fund, 1993
  • Update on the Aborigines Welfare Fund, 1993
  • Mabo Developments and Recommended Action, 1993



Doing Social Action - Resources for Action

Respecting the Traditional Owners of Your Place - A Resource for Religious Congregations in the Year of Jubilee (pdf file)



Housing-related Poverty Report cover


Discussion and Issues Papers:

  • Assessing Privatisation, 1997
  • A Citizen's Look at National Competition Policy (The Hilmer Report), 1995
  • Privatisation - Some Thoughts on the Issue, 1994
  • Reviewing Working Nation - The White Paper on Employment and Growth, 1994
  • Service to the Poor - Insights from Catholic Social Teaching, 1994
  • Considering the Implications of Recognizing Native Title for Religious Congregations, 1993


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