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The promotion of social justice is one of the key priority areas of the Social Action Office (SAO). For the SAO, social justice has as its core meaning "right relationships" between people. In our struggle to build a world based on "right relationships" the following elements are seen as a priority:

  • ensuring a minimum income for all
  • protecting the human rights of all men and women
  • ensuring that the principles of access and equity are central in public policy
  • ensuring that the most disadvantaged members in the community have access to the support they need to live adequately.


More than just a roofFamily Homelessness Report

More than just a roof (pdf file) - A study of family homelessness in Queensland: A Report of the Family Homelessness Research Project, October 2003, conducted by the QUT Centre of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies in conjunction with a number of organisations including the Social Action Office.


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