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Our political leaders take pride in the economic growth that has occurred in recent decades but the benefits of this have not flowed equally to the whole Australian population. Some have done very well while others have been severely disadvantaged. For example, it is a well documented fact that increases in household incomes are heavily and unfairly skewed in favour of the well-off. Job losses, job insecurity, unemployment, loss of workers' entitlements and an increase in poverty are all indicators of the fact that some Australians have suffered more than others as a result of recent economic changes.

Arguably, politicians themselves have been sheltered from the worst aspects of economic change because they enjoy good salaries and good working conditions with entitlements that are guaranteed. It is time to remind them that they have a responsibility to make sure that all Australians get a fair go and a fair share of this country's prosperity. The St Vincent de Paul Society has reminded us recently that this country is at risk of developing into "two Australias"– one for the well-off and one for the battlers.

While there are big international issues facing our nation at this time, we must not forget domestic issues which impinge upon the lives of many Australians. An election is often the only time when political parties, politicians and aspiring politicians take notice of the people. So, we are asking voters in this Federal Election to consider the following issues before voting. We are especially asking that political parties include in their election platform:

  • an ongoing commitment to the provision of low cost public housing for people on low incomes who cannot keep up with rents in the private rental market even with Centrelink's rent assistance;

  • a commitment to making sure that working people are paid an adequate wage for their work and that workers are entitled to claim basic conditions of employment such as sick leave and holiday pay without the fear of losing their jobs; also, that workers' entitlements like superannuation and long-service leave are protected;

  • a commitment to ensure that unemployed people have a decent level of income support and are not unduly penalised and breached by Centrelink if they have difficulties meeting the rules that now apply under 'mutual obligation';

  • a commitment to overcoming the health gap between the rich and poor by maintaining and extending Medicare, bringing back the Dental Rebate Scheme for people on low incomes and strengthening the public hospital system.

We are asking voters to consider these issues when they come to vote in the Federal Election and to quiz candidates about what their political party is planning to do about a Fair Go Fair Share in income, health and housing for everyone.


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