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Further Readings on Poverty
and Inequality
in Australia


Worlds Apart: Postcodes with the Highest and Lowest Poverty Rates in Today's Australia

- the latest research on poverty from NATSEM by Rachel Lloyd, Ann Harding and Harry Greenwell

Go to the NATSEM site and then under "Quick Pick" click on "Poverty by Postcodes in Australia" then "Go" (the document can be downloaded as a pdf file).


Class in the Year 2001

- Click here for this Barton Lecture on ABC Radio National online by Professor Belinda Probert

This is a fine analysis of the new class arrangements in Australia in 2001. Thanks to the ABC (again) for making the Barton Lectures series possible - where else would we find a publicly available discussion on this topic of 'class'? In relation to the Fair Go Fair Share campaign, this lecture adds a new dimension.

One insight gleaned from this lecture is that the socio-economic polarisation that exists now in Australia has created a class (the overclass) that has no need of public services like public education, health, income support, housing assistance; at the other end of the socio-economic spectrum, another group (the underclass) is very reliant upon public services.

This socio-economic divide finds an echo in a new political divide, where discourse is focused on the merits and morality of the role and size of government, taxation and redistribution. The “winners” in this discourse, so far, are not the most disadvantaged.


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